A SPECIAL BOOK CLUB HOSTED by Amy Clipston | Featuring “A Hopeful Heart”


Over the next three weeks, AMY CLIPSTON will be hosting a special book club! We are re-reading the books in her Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series as we count down to the release of book #4:

A Simple Prayer 


Each Tuesday, Amy will be hosting a SPECIAL Facebook chat party on her Facebook Author page!




Here’s a look back at book 1…

Have you read it?

It’s a WONDERFUL book, a very moving story!

God Bless You!

In Hopeful Heart—the first book in the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series  by bestselling author Amy Clipston—Hannah Glick, a recently widowed Old Order Amish woman, struggles to support her three children after unexpectedly losing her husband. When she meets a nice Englisher (non-Amish man) at the luxury hotel where she works, her world is turned upside down while she tries to decipher God’s plan for her.



You can find more information HERE at Amy’s website, along with links that will point you to where you can purchase the book.

You can read my review: HERE HERE or HERE



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“A Hopeful Heart” by Amy Clipston


First let me say that I do not enjoy having a book ruined for me by spoilers.

GoodReads has spoiler settings for a reason people. Use it.

OK. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system.

Even though some incredibly rude person (who also didn’t like the book) essentially ruined the ending for me, I went ahead and read the book because it started out really well (when I read that review, I was already about 15 pages into the story) and I wanted to see it through.

I wasn’t sorry.

I really enjoyed the book. Amy Clipston’s writing is truly amazing. She really puts you “in” the story! At one point, a character is sitting in the rain and its so well-written, I could almost hear the rain all around me.


Amy’s character development is wonderful. I may not like all of the characters but I can’t deny that they’re written well. Plus the story has a real ring of truth and that’s such a plus for me! You all know how I feel about the “Amish” novels that aren’t really true to Amish life.

I can also tell you that Amy Clipston is an awesome person. I recently requested a bookmark and bookplate from her and she sent me 5 bookmarks and 4 bookplates! She’s so awesome! Kauffman Bakery series next!

I can’t wait to read her next book!

I received this book free for an honest review from NetGalley.

You can find more info about “A Hopeful Heart” HERE at NetGalley You can learn more about Amy Clipston and her novels HERE and more about this book at GoodReads HERE!

Enjoy it!

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God Bless You!