Letting it go…

An hour ago I was livid.


I’m not anymore.


I work very hard on my reviews. I chase down links, insert pictures, include blurbs and craft tweets to make sharing my posts that much easier for my readers.

Sadly, this is not the case for all bloggers. My mother and I both blog, both review books, and we both write. We have also… both had pieces of our blog posts stolen/imitated/paraphrased by other bloggers.

And I’m sure many of you who also follow my author blog – will remember the Fairy Tale Tabloid debacle from about 18 months ago. LINK.

So you can see why I was livid about an hour ago…


However… what other people do is between them and God. It’s not up to me to judge. It’s not up to me to even care.

I’m not going to stop posting or stop working so hard just because other people don’t want to.

but I am going to pray for them.

And I’m going to be very careful about who I let on my own street team when the day comes! You can be certain of that!


Good night and God bless!

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“The Christmas Quilt” by Vannetta Chapman

This book is very exciting for me because it’s about the characters I fell in love with in the very first Amish fiction novel I ever read.

5660435I was thrilled to see it advertised and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Of course, as fate would have it, the book arrived just as November got off to a start and I became a crazy
person – between NaNoWriMo and reviewing the stack of other books that had piled up on my desk.

However, when I picked up the book, I could not put it down. It was an amazing read and I enjoyed every
second of it.

The only complaint I might have is that it took so long for two young couples so much in love to conceive. (In case you can’t tell… I’m teasing) This book is an excellent continuation of the story that started in “A Simple Amish Christmas” and it shows just how wonderful a writer Vannetta Chapman is. Three years passed between the writing of one and the other but it feels like she wrote them back to back. The characters have the same voices, mannerisms and behaviors.

The characters are all just as wonderful as I remember them.

The story itself is wonderful too. It isn’t just another “we’re trying to stretch the series out”
kind of sequel either. It’s really a good next step and, I think, a story anyone would enjoy.

Also, and I don’t want to give too much away here but, there are a few really interesting surprises tucked in the pages.

I really love the extra little touches Vannetta puts in, all those extra little things that give us a real glimpse into Amish life. It helps pull you right into the story. I also really enjoy how Vannetta blends
the Amish lives with the “Englisch” around them. The Amish strive to remain separate but a big part of their faith is about being open and loving to all of God’s (Gotte’s) children. Vannetta writes that aspect perfectly in my opinion. She has a talent for capturing their “voice” and their feelings and emotions – a tremendous accomplishment for an “Englisch” writer. You would never know she did not grow up Amish.

A wonderful read for anyone who enjoys this genre!

And, while I recommend that you read “A Simple Amish Christmas” first, this book could easily be read first or even alone. And now I’m off to work on my NaNoNovel and read up the rest of the books in my TBR pile.

Until next time… From Litfuse:

About the book:
Annie’s life is deliciously full as the Christmas season
approaches. She helps her husband, Samuel, attend to the
community’s minor medical needs. She occasionally assists Belinda,
the local midwife, and most days, she finds herself delivering the
buggy to her brother Adam. Annie’s sister-in-law Leah is due to
deliver their first child before Christmas morning, and Annie is
determined to finish a crib quilt before the boppli arrives. With
six weeks to go, she should have no problem . . . but God may have
a different plan. Leah is rushed to the English hospital when the
infant arrives early, and Annie discovers the Christmas quilt may
hold a far greater significance than she ever

I give it 5 stars! A GREAT READ!

Click HERE for more info from Litfuse about the blog tour for “The Christmas Quilt” Make sure you click HERE and check out the Quilts of Love website!

Click HERE for the GoodReads book page. Be careful, some of their reviews include a few too many spoilers for my taste.

You can click HERE to check out Vannetta Chapman’s website.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the Litfuse Publicity book review program in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Happy Reading



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Review of “For Every Season” by Cindy Woodsmall

WOW! All I can say in this moment is WOW!


For Every Season picOK. Now that I’ve taken a breath and calmed down a little… I’d like to give you some backstory before I go on with my review.

First, you should know that I received this book free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Company in exchange for an honest review.

When I picked it, I was excited because I’ve just gotten into this genre of Amish fiction and I’ve bought a lot of books lately to that end. Book 1 of this series: “A Season for Tending” was one of them. So I thought to myself, “Wow! I can read the one I have, find the second one and I’ll be all read up by the time I get the third one.”

YAY! right?

Well, first, I couldn’t find the second book anywhere. And when I finally did, I could only find it brand new and I am a bargain hunter at heart so I did the next best thing. I checked it out from the library. Now, of course I don’t want to give it back.

I am thrilled to have found this series.

I am thrilled to have found this series. The main character struggles with an issue that is very near and dear to my heart and I enjoy, so much, reading about it. I also enjoy reading about the ways of the Amish and the ways these Amish interact with the English around them.

I applaud Cindy Woodsmall!

I tweeted today that this series is Absolutely PERFECT for anyone who’s not 100% sure about reading Amish fiction. When I started reading, I thought it was a case of how the author got the Amish wrong. That is NOT IT AT ALL! This author is too good to have gotten her facts wrong. What she has written here is a wonderful example of how we English should be able to interact with Amish and how they should be able to interact with us. That is a powerful message and I applaud Cindy Woodsmall for it! Amazing!

When I read the first book in the series, I was wrapped up in the whole “getting the Amish wrong” angle and it slowed me up. By the time I read the second book, I hadn’t gotten it yet but I no longer cared. I just knew I had to read more. In this book, I got it. I finally understood the message. And while I’m ashamed it took so long to sink into my thick head, I’m thrilled it finally got through.

A recap: The first book of this series: “A Season for Tending” peaked my interest and whetted my appetite for more. I was so into the story by the time I started book two that I rushed out to the library to snatch it up before anyone else could.

I started the second book of this series: “The Winnowing Season” with a strong sense of excitement and happiness. It quickly gave way to frustration and irritation. I’m not telling why. Read it, you’ll see.

A lot of that irritation followed me as I started “For Every Season”. It took a lot of pages for me to realize that irritation wasn’t going anywhere. And still, I could not stop reading.

I tweeted earlier that it was Cindy Woodsmall’s fault I’ve not been tweeting much the past few days.

I also tweeted today that it was Cindy Woodsmall’s fault I’ve not been tweeting much the past few days. That is very true. Her storytelling has held me captive. Despite my irritation, I could NOT put the book down. I had to keep reading! I had to find out what would happen next! And now, having finished the third book in this series, I find myself sitting on pins and needles while I wait for the fourth. Seriously Cindy, write faster please!

This book is a perfect continuation of the story Cindy started painting in “A Season for Tending”. Too many authors flounder a bit in their telling of a continuing story. They try to make books stand on their own within a series and they spend half the book rehashing the ones before. They play it safe and end up doing things that worked in previous books and don’t take the chances that need to be taken to continue the story properly.

I couldn’t put the book down.

Cindy is not guilty of any of these things. She sprinkles in bits about the first and second books in all the right places and she does it so seamlessly you don’t even realize it’s been done. And she definitely had no problem taking chances. While I read, I was annoyed, irritated and frustrated to the point that I wanted to scream. But I didn’t put the book down. I couldn’t put the book down. I had to keep reading. I had to find out where this book would take us in the continuing saga of Samuel, Jacob, Leah, Landon and Rhoda.

I’m not good at synopsis so I’m going to direct you to GoodReads where you can read more about it. HERE

And you can find more information about Cindy Woodsmall and her other novels on her WEBSITE.

But trust me when I say that this series is worth your time. It’s a fantastic read and not just for those who LOVE Amish fiction but for anyone who loves a great story!


And…here’s a list of GREAT links provided by WaterBrook Multnomah




Disclaimer: I received this book free in exchange for an honest review from the Blogging for Books reviewer program by WaterBrook Multnomah.

Check out my other reviews for them HERE.

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Review of “Almost Amish” By: Kathryn Cushman


This was such a wonderful read. And so believable.

I will admit that I wanted to strangle a certain character more than once (you’ll know who I mean) but her behavior was very true to life so, while I was annoyed, I was also applauding at how well-written it all was.

What a great idea you’ve had. Our world has become such a fast-paced rat race and we all need to slow down. I love how the characters here discover that, each in their own way.

This was such a wonderful read.

This book is so realistic, it makes me feel more like it was a journal someone kept during such an experience that was later transcribed into story form. It’s that real.

The character development is excellent. The plot moves nicely without a lot of bumps or false starts. (At times I almost felt like it was moving too fast but that was probably more my excitement to get to the next part!)

I had to have it!

I checked this book out from the library (an eBook actually) but it was such a wonderful story, I had to have it so I bought a copy!

I recommend this novel to everyone!

Bravo Kathryn Cushman. I will be seeking out more of your wonderful novels.

Check out Kathryn Cushman on Goodreads HERE!
And check out her website HERE!

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God Bless You!

Review of “The Prince” by Kiera Cass

PrinceI absolutely love having the flip side of a story! You always wonder what is going on in the other person’s head. It’s awesome to find out! Hardly any author does this and I always love it when they do!

Great job Kiera! Love It!

Oh and BTW… I hardly ever buy kindle books but I could not live without this one!

Check it out on GoodReads

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God Bless You!

Review for “The Elite” by Kiera Cass


Another fantastic book for this series.
Terrific character development. I know a lot of people were mad about how this one went along but I enjoyed it.

A lot of people are annoyed with America at this point for flip-flopping but I can actually see where she’s coming from. It’s hard being a teenage girl with her heart being pulled in two different directions.

I can not wait for the third book. April is sooooo far away


Get more info at Goodreads!

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God Bless You!

Review of “A Simple Amish Christmas” by Vannetta Chapman

Simple Amish ChristmasThis was an amazing read. My mother has been bugging me for so long to read just one Amish Fiction. She kept saying I would only need to read one and I would be hooked and she was so right! It only took 1!

The more I read, the more I loved the story. Amish novels have grown in popularity with lightning speed lately and some of them, though well-written, do not ring absolutely true. Amish ways are still such a mystery to us in so many ways but there are bits of some stories that you can be sure is not true to Amish life. This book is not that way. It is clear the author has done her research and done it well.
I look forward to reading her other novels and I hope there are more about this family. I’ll have to go and do my own research I guess.

I am so glad I picked this as my first Amish Fiction Novel!

You can find more info at Goodreads HERE!

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God Bless You!

READING takes you places!


I love to read and I hope, if you’re here… checking out my blog, it means you do too.

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God Bless You!