“The Legend of the Candy Cane” by Lori Walburg

Not at all what I was expecting…

When I read the word “hardcover”, I assumed it was a regular hardcover book but what arrived in the mail was a board book.

Imagine my surprise…

Regardless of my surprise, my children LOVE it! Even though it is simple enough for a very young child to enjoy, my children (who are 8 and 11) are enchanted with the beautiful story inside!

My daughter has claimed it for her very own. She took it OFF of my shelf and proudly carried it to her own, where she gave it a place of honor.

My son is not quite as possessive of it but he stood over her shoulder as she read and did not once have a comment about it being a “baby” book – which is his usual comment about any book his sister who is three years younger, picks up to read.

Not that I can blame him… since he is reading on a high school level already.

But I think it says a lot about how wonderful the story within!

I am actually excited! Now, instead of donating the book, we have what will become an heirloom!


And no… we don’t have any other board books we will be able to pass on, none of them survived my own children. I’m so very thankful they are both learning to appreciate books now – being cautious with them and cherishing their favorites.

And The Legend of the Candy Cane is clearly already a favorite!

Here is a bit more about the book from Zondervan:

One dark November night a stranger rides into a small prairie town.

Who is he? Why has he come?

The townspeople wish he were a doctor, a dressmaker, or a trader. But the children have the greatest wish of all, a deep, quiet, secret wish. Then a young girl named Lucy befriends the newcomer.

When he reveals his identity and shares with her the legend of the candy cane, she discovers fulfillment of her wishes and the answer to her town’s dreams. Now will she share what she has learned?

Warm, lavish illustrations by James Bernardin bring to life a timeless tale by Lori Walburg, a story that will help families celebrate the mystery and miracle of Christmas—for many Christmases to come.

Click HERE to visit the book page on Thomas Nelson



You can find more information and/or buy the book from these popular sites.



FAIR WARNING: Some of the above links are NOT for the Board book.
If you want the board book, just look for the cover you see above in my review…

However, this AMAZON link is a board book with an older cover.


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Happy Reading




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All the Bible Stories you know but like you never expected to hear them


The First Time We Saw Him This book took me completely by surprise! I actually had not expected to review it but due to a happy accident, I got the chance and I am thrilled to say that it is a wonderful book that everyone should read!

Matt Mikalatos asks us to take a step back and look at our faith from a different perspective – to look at God from a new perspective.

How many of us have a skewed view of God? How many of us feel detached from God because we just don’t feel a connection with him?

Matt points out that those of us who grew up in church, mostly learned the same lessons, heard the same Bible stories, memorized the same Bible verses and that has shaped our faith.

In many cases, like his own, this gives a somewhat flat and skewed view of Jesus and his amazing miracles, God and his love for us and the Spirit He sent us to be a constant companion.

In The First Time We Saw Him, Matt shows us the Bible stories we all know and love but with a very unique spin. Why didn’t someone think of this before?

This book has had an impact on me that I have never experienced from any other book (except the actual Bible of course) I’ve read on the subject!


Will you read it? Will it change your outlook on life? Maybe…

Will it give you a renewed faith and help you to develop a relationship with God? I truly hope so!


4 Stars


And here is what Baker Publishing has to say about The First Time We Saw Him:

Scripture tells us that the words of Jesus made people uncomfortable, confused, angry, repentant, worshipful, and riotous.

Today, we read the words of Christ in a steady, even tone and find ourselves wondering if maybe we’re missing something. Could it be that we’ve lost the emotional power of Jesus’s words simply because we’re too familiar with them?

With incredible insight into the surprising and unsettling aspects of Jesus’s parables and life, Matt Mikalatos reimagines familiar stories and parables in a modern-day setting, bringing alive all the controversy and conflict inherent in the originals. Emotional, sometimes humorous, and even jaw-dropping, these stories raise provocative questions and offer a glimpse of Jesus as his contemporaries must have seen him.


You can find more information and/or buy the book from these popular sites.



God Bless!


Happy Reading!

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“Heaven – What’s it like? How do we get there?” by Stephen Elkins

18232504I have to say this first… even though the book is really good, in my opinion – I don’t like that the top of the book says

“Created by” Stephen Elkins.

So many people just toss around the words “created by:” like it’s common but no one stops to think that we are incapable of creating anything. ONLY GOD can create something from nothing.

Anything that we come up with or build comes from things that God created or talents that he blessed us with.

But that’s just a personal pet-peeve of mine. Don’t let it stop you from reading the book.

So, onto my opinion about the book:

Like many people, I have children who are not at all sure about God and Heaven and how being Saved really works.

I feel this book is a valuable resource for anyone whose children are in that camp.

It’s difficult for some of us adults to remember just how big and scary the whole idea is. We think of God and Heaven and we think about how wonderful it sounds but to a child – I can see how it could be scary instead of wonderful.

This book does a great job showing kids that Heaven is nothing to be frightened of.

And it doesn’t stop there. The first section of the book talks about Heaven and what it’s like. Then there is a section that talks about how we get there. Then it talks about how we can live like Jesus did.

Now we all know that living like Jesus alone is not what gets us to Heaven – It’s believing in him and accepting him into your heart that does it. After that of course, you will want to live like Jesus so you can show his love to everyone around you and I think this book gets that point across beautifully.

So I say, buy it! Read it with your kids! Share it with your neighbors and their children!

Share God’s love all around!

4 Stars


And here is a bit more about the book from Tynedale publishing:

“Heaven is exciting! Heaven is big! Heaven is safe! Heaven is forever!” Heaven: What’s It Like? How Do We Get There? is the first in a brand new children’s series titled First Steps. This series explains the foundations of the Christian faith in sensitive and simple child-friendly terms. In this first book kids will understand, through 60 rhyming stories and colorful illustrations, what heaven is all about. Children will be inspired and uplifted by the hope and promise of Heaven and their heavenly Father. This is a comforting book for children who have lost grandparents or other loved ones. In addition to learning about heaven, children will be inspired to live their earthly lives in a way that is glorifying and honoring to God.

And you can click HERE to visit the book page on Tynedale’s website

HERE for ChristianBook.com HERE for GoodReads

And click HERE to learn more about the author and his ministry!





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“Scraps of Evidence” by Barbara Cameron


All I can say is this: I really hope Barbara never lets anyone talk her into making this a movie because they’ll ruin it.

WHAT a GREAT story!

I have to say it was a bit of a shock for my system going from Amish to Crime – and by the same author but I’m so glad I went ahead and read them in order. As a matter of fact, I’m sitting here writing this a full two days ahead of schedule. It was THAT GOOD! I seriously could NOT put the book down and I usually detest mystery novels. I used to read a series by another author who shall remain nameless and it effectively killed any taste for mysteries that I may have had.

But this book is nowhere near the same league as those. Or any other… And when I say that, I mean that this book is far far above the rest.

I could happily read a dozen more by Barbara because I already know that she is capable of writing a great story with believable characters and a plot-line that even a seasoned mystery writer would envy.

Barbara Cameron doesn’t drag things out, she doesn’t throw in a ridiculous amount of obvious clues and… the coup-de-grâce – she does not have her characters do stupid things. No walking right into the path of the killer over and over again, no figuring out the whole thing right before the killer sticks a gun to your temple and no running around screaming like an idiot. I LOVE IT!

THANK YOU Barbara Cameron!

And PLEASE write more of these kind of stories!

You might, if you’re an old-hand at mysteries, pick out a clue or two but nothing that stands there screaming “RIGHT HERE! THEY DID IT! DON’T MISS THIS!” And some of you might think the romance moves a little too quickly (I don’t think I’m giving anything away there – you knew there had to be romance) but please remember this is a short book. It’s supposed to move fast. However, I have to say that I don’t think the book itself moved too fast – it had a perfect pace and, at the end, I found myself wondering how I’d gotten there already.

The only complaint I have is the synopsis. I don’t know if the book underwent a lot of changes since it was written or if whoever wrote it just hadn’t read the book but there are several goofs in it. Logan is a new partner and he never really “ribs” Tess about her quilting. And Tess’s aunt isn’t in a nursing home. She’s in the hospital. But oh well…

It’s a GREAT story! Read it! You won’t be sorry!


Here is a bit more information about the book from the Quilts of Love website.

Tess has taken some ribbing from her fellow officer, Logan, for her quilting hobby. He finds it hard to align the brisk professional officer he patrols with during the day with the one who quilts in her off-time. Besides, he’s been trying to get to know her better and he’d like to be seeing her during those couple nights a week she spends with her quilting guild.

Then one afternoon Tess and Logan visit her aunt in the nursing home and she acts agitated when Tess covers her with the story quilt. Aunt Susan seems to be communicating a message to them about Tess’s uncle. There’s a story behind this quilt, they realize, one that may lead them to a serial killer. Will they have a chance to have a future together or will the killer choose Tess for his next victim before they find him?

Click HERE to get more info from the Quilts of Love website

Click HERE to go to the Litfuse page for info about the blog tour

Click HERE to go to the page on GoodReads

Click HERE to go to Barbara Cameron’s website.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the Litfuse Publicity book review program in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Happy Reading



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25 Posts of Christmas: MERRY CHRISTMAS!


It’s here! Finally! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

As you open your presents and enjoy the day, make sure you take time to enjoy your family too!


And remember what today is all about!



May God Bless you in this Holiday season.



25 Posts of Christmas Day 24: Christmas Eve!

There are hours left…only hours!

Presents are wrapped and stockings are hung. The tree is decorated and the kids are tucked into their beds, dreaming of Christmas morning!

Before you take yourself off to bed, take a peek at this;

Luke 2:1-20

King James Version (KJV)

2 And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.

(And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)

And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)

To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

15 And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us.

16 And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger.

17 And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child.

18 And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds.

19 But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

20 And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.

And before you go to bed, take a minute to thank God for his wonderful gift and for his wonderful love!

And kiss your sweet children. They’re the best gift most of us could hope for!

GOD BLESS YOU!1 Day til Christmas


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25 Posts of Christmas Day 22: Take a deep breath!

Only three days until Christmas now.

IMG_2106Kick back and fix yourself a nice cup of cocoa!


Throughout this season, we’ve all dealt with crazy traffic, rude drivers, angry shoppers and crazy weather.

Now the time is running out and we are all running around like crazy people.

Who else is feeling the pressure? Who else feels a little crazy?

This is why I say you should take a deep breath and fix yourself a nice cup of cocoa. Snuggle up with your kids and turn on a great Christmas movie and enjoy some time with your family.

Read a Christmas story as you put the kids to bed and enjoy some time with a good book.

Then you can get back to your Christmas shopping and wrapping.

GOD Bless you! And

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25 Posts of Christmas Day 15: BELIEVE!

Can you believe we only have 10 more days?

Speaking of Believe…


I have seen a lot of crazy things this morning as I googled for a good picture to put here. Pictures talking about believing in the magic of Christmas and believing in Santa Claus. Pictures talking about believing in yourself or believing in love…

I believe the ONLY magic of Christmas is in the wondrous way God sent us his son those many years ago!

christmas-starWe were reading about the Star atop the Christmas tree last night (Yes, we’re a little behind on our daily ADVENT reading) and it talked about the way the star shined down on the little home where Jesus was when the Magi came looking for him.

If you have to think of that as magic to understand it, that’s fine as long as you acknowledge that it was “magic” only because of how we see “magic”.

It was God’s power – pure and simple!

And that power still shows today! All you have to do is look for it!


I BELIEVE that too many people have forgotten JesusIsTheReasonForTheSeason_answer_2_xlargethe true meaning of CHRISTmas!

It’s gotten lost in the craziness of shopping and rudeness and commercialism.

I BELIEVE that we need to come back to the simple things!il_570xN_365729113_c50o

Simple Celebrations!

Simple Traditions!

Simple Gifts!

And Simple Faith!

We need to remember what Christmas is all about.

It’s about God and His love and the incredible gift He gave to us: Jesus, His son!

What do you BELIEVE?

Do you only believe in Christmas because it’s what you’ve always done or because it’s fun to get presents?

Because if you do, that’s fine but…

You would get so much more out of the season if you put your faith in God and discovered what this Holiday is REALLY about!


10 Days til Christmas

Wishing you and your family a Merry and Blessed Christmas this year!


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25 Posts of Christmas Day 8: A Christmas Rant

grrrrrrrThis will be my first negative Christmas post this year and hopefully my last.

I spent hours, literally hours… yesterday fixing a post that took me hours to write/edit/organize to begin with… over a month ago.

If you’re a fan of my blog, you’ve probably seen it:  “The 25 Books of Christmas

Well, if you go read that post, it will tell you about why but if you want to know without having to go somewhere else, just keep reading.

I posted about Christmas books – 25 of them. And let me tell you, you never realize until you go look, that it’s difficult to actually find 25 Christmas books that you like. So I put in quite a few that I haven’t actually read. Most of them are on my to-read list but a few of them, I put in because I’d heard good things or (in the case of the ones that got the whole thing going) I loved the movie.

If you enjoy Christmas movies, you’ve probably seen “Mrs. Miracle” or “Call me Mrs. Miracle” at some point or other.

And if you’ve never read the books, let me caution you…

There is bad language in the first paragraph on the first page.
It’s bad enough the man calls his son such a thing but to actually spell out the word repeatedly is unnecessary and in very poor taste in my opinion.

First if all, it’s not really required to spell out the actual word. There are plenty of writers who allude to the word without actually putting it right there in black and white for all to see.

Second, to keep repeating it (it’s right there in the first chapter at least twice more) is just reprehensible.

Third – and this is the big one – It’s a story about an Angel! Am I the only one who thinks this is completely ridiculous? Really! In a story about an angel, we’re really going to put bad language… and spoken to a child in a completely inappropriate manner.

Needless to say, I felt a great desire to edit my post, removing the books by this author and adding in some others by trusted Christian Authors.

And that is what has truly annoyed me.

Everything, and I mean everything I did to edit this post met with disastrous results. Every picture I tried to insert, every excerpt I tried to paste and every synopsis I tried to move caused mass havoc.

Suffice to say I had a rough day and it took copious amounts of Hot Cocoa and a favorite movie to soothe my ragged nerves.

On the bright side, I feel better having stood up for my principles.

And I am reminded again of what Jesus did for us so long ago.

His ideas were not popular with everyone. His teachings made a lot of people angry and he ultimately died for his principles.

So with that in mind, I feel even better about it all.

Rant over. Go about your business.

17 Days til ChristmasAnd…



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25 Posts of Christmas Day 7: Gingerbread Houses

Who can remember making Gingerbread houses as a child?

Isn’t it cute!


I never personally made a gingerbread house as a child but I’ve made them with my children.

The crumbly cookies…

The sugary white “glue” that sticks to everything…

The sugar that shakes off every piece of candy and makes a little trail everywhere the children walk as they sneak pieces.


I can tell you I missed out on some serious fun as a child and I didn’t even know it. But I am doubly glad I made time to have the experience with my children.


20131205-110823.jpgAnd I will always remember watching Home Improvement and seeing the crazy gingerbread service station that Tim made. He used real glue (actually it was caulk) and it was one of the few things he did that was not a complete disaster.
(Except that it wasn’t edible and he charged WAY too much for it)

But it was a GREAT memory of something fun he did with the boys.


That gingerbread house is actually on par with some of the pictures you see here. I have never even contemplated making a gingerbread house as grand as any of these. I wouldn’t know where to begin and I’m certain it would be a disaster if I tried.

I’m sure all of these (including the Better Homes and Gardens example at the top of the post) were made by professional chefs and I applaud their skill and the many hours of labor that went in to these magnificent creations!


Have you made a gingerbread house with your children this year?

You should make the time! It could quickly become a much beloved Christmas tradition they will pass on to their own children!

This whole picture intimidates me. See the ones in the back…equally as cool as this one. WOW!


I know my children would love the one above! The imagination! The creativity!

To come up with a Tree-house design and find a way to make it all edible (to be honest, I don’t know that it is 100% edible but it sure looks that way)

20131205-111002.jpgAnd this one, I am entirely certain was built by a professional chef/baker.

I hope the people who saw it or consumed it appreciate the hard work that went into it!


20131205-111013.jpgThis is another of my personal favorites!

I can’t even begin to imagine where I would begin with something like this.


And the detail.



And I know my daughter would LOVE the one above! A real Princess castle.

The only problem would come when anyone wanted to eat it. LOL!

But these Gingerbread houses also remind me of a very important lesson about God’s love! Jesus came and he gave us all of his time. He traveled and he taught and he healed and he raised the dead and most of the time it was a thankless job.

Most of the time it either went unnoticed or it caused the Pharisees to grumble and plot against him.

And I’m sure it was exhausting. It was dusty and dirty and he never had a place to rest unless some kind soul provided it.

And in the end he knew he would die. All his work and all his teaching would come to an end and he would die. Then he would return to heaven to await us.

What a gift!

What an amazing God we have!

18 Days til Christmas

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

GOD Bless You!

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25 Posts of Christmas Day 3: Christmas & Candy Canes

Have you ever heard the story of how candy canes got started?


From what I can gather, candy canes are one of the great urban legends in the world. Apparently, a combination of time and infamy have built the story to such fantastic heights that everyone has a different version.

A candy-maker in Indiana wanted to make a candy that would be a witness, so he made the Christmas Candy Cane. He incorporated several symbols from the birth, ministry, and death of Jesus Christ.

He began with a stick of pure white, hard candy. White to symbolize the Virgin Birth and the sinless nature of Jesus, and hard to symbolize the Solid Rock, the foundation of the Church, and firmness of the promises of God.

The candymaker made the candy in the form of a “J” to represent the precious name of Jesus, who came to earth as our Savior. It could also represent the staff of the “Good Shepherd” with which He reaches down into the ditches of the world to lift out the fallen lambs who, like all sheep, have gone astray.

Thinking that the candy was somewhat plain, the candymaker stained it with red stripes. He used three small stripes to show the stripes of the scourging Jesus received by which we are healed. The large red stripe was for the blood shed by Christ on the cross so that we could have the promise of eternal life.

Unfortunately, the candy became known as a Candy Cane — a meaningless decoration seen at Christmas time. But the meaning is still there for those who “have eyes to see and ears to hear.” Every time you see a Candy Cane, remember the Wonder of Jesus and His Great Love that came down at Christmas, and that His Love remains the ultimate and dominant force in the universe today.

There are many different versions of this story out there to be found. I found 1 story HERE. Another story HERE (with a few similarities).
And they’re both very different from the story I read in this great little Christmas Advent Book by Lisa Whelchel years ago.

The details of the story may have gotten a little confused over the years but the message remains the same.

It’s all about reminding people of Jesus’ love for them, for everyone!

It’s a message that gets lost in the Holiday craziness far too easily and far too often.

Think about that the next time you enjoy a candy cane or as you hang them on your Christmas tree.

And along with these different stories, there are many activities that go along with them. So find a fun way you or your children can share this message with people this season.


There’s a great activity HERE and another HERE and another HERE.

There are many more that you can find, including the idea in Lisa Whelchel’s book “The ADVENTure of Christmas”. The book is a terrific investment. It’s full of great stories about all of the things we love about the Christmas season!
(I’ve shown the page below with the story…hope it’s not too fuzzy.)

Copyright Lisa Whelchel & Multnomah Press

22 Days til Christmas

Merry Christmas and God Bless You!

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(UPDATED) Bake Through the Bible by Susie Bentley & Bekah Moore

(UPDATED) I feel it only fair to tell you that I have now attempted some of these recipes with my children and there are a couple of concerns I have:

First: the cookie recipes appear to be the pretty much the same cookie each time with only changes to make them roll-able or shape-able and my kids did not enjoy the taste of them, which shocks me because HELLO they’re cookies.

Second: the other recipes are not what I would call kid-friendly recipes. I thought the kids would jump at the little pizzas and the bread play but that was not our experience. They didn’t even want to make half of them, and the ones they did make, they wouldn’t eat.

So good for activity maybe and maybe good for relaying the Bible stories but not really foods that kids will eat.


I received this book FREE in exchange for an honest review from Cross-Focused Reviews. I cannot honestly say whether or not I would have spent what the sticker price for this book is since my family is on a very tight budget and it seems a bit high.


This book has 20 Bible stories that go along with a fun recipe for the kids to try out. Personally I can say that my children enjoy the simple, engaging style, they are told in.

It’s designed to take your child through the main storyline of the Bible. I feel there are a lot of important stories that could have been added but I’m guessing it’s not easy to match up recipes with all of these stories.

But then, maybe they’ll come out with another one sometime. Make it a whole series…

Along with the stories there are questions to discuss while you’re cooking and even a recap to use while you’re eating what you’ve cooked.

“Cooking activities include: – Sparkly promise cookies to remember God’s wonderful promises to Abraham – Happy crepe faces in response to God’s promise to send His Rescuer and Forever-King – Spiral tuna wraps for a picnic that links with Jesus’ miracle of feeding thousands – An empty bread tomb with Easter dips to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection… You don’t have to be a good cook—just ready to have some fun as you Bake through the Bible!” – Cross Focused Reviews

We have not completed all of these recipes yet. We are adding this book to our homeschool and going through them slowly, doing one a week. I am going to post about that experience HERE on my Cooking Adventures With Kids blog!

It’s a great opportunity to learn
AND have yummy treats too!

I have read through the book though and I can tell you this. The stories are engaging and simple. The recipes look like a lot of fun! And the kids are excited to get started! That alone tells me this is a GREAT book for kids!

I would recommend this book to parents, especially those of you who may be having some difficulty getting them to understand the BIG bible stories. The interactive nature gives children a whole new understanding of how the stories relate to them personally.

And Now some information from the
Cross Focused Reviews website…

About the Authors: Susie grew up near Birmingham, UK. Having studied in Durham, in the north-east of England, she now lives in Oxford and is part of Magdalen Road Church. Susie has a background in secondary-school English teaching and worked full-time in that context for five years. She is married to Pete and they have a son called Joshua.

Bekah was born and brought up in South Yorkshire. She studied French and Russian in Durham. She then taught French before teaching teenagers with multiple learning difficulties in a Special School. Bekah is married to Nick and currently lives in Oxford with their two-year-old son Simeon. They are part of St Ebbe’s Church.

Book Information:

  • Publisher: The Good Book Company (2013)
  • ISBN: 9781909559004
  • Page Count: 64

Blog Tour Details:

  • Tour Dates: October 7-13, 2013
  • Available Formats: Paperback (Continental US Only)

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God Bless You!