I’m late! I’m late! Shame on me… and such an AWESOME book to be late on! | wagging finger in my own face…

I can not believe I’m late reviewing THIS book! Jennifer – you should smack me.

But seriously… I thought I had already reviewed it. It was only when I went looking for the review that I realized why it wasn’t there.


I know I literally say this about every book Jennifer puts out but I seriously think this is my favorite so far!

And… Oh my word how do I write this review without giving anything away…

I don’t know how Jennifer does it – I mean she comes up with these wonderful stories that are full of such life and good humor and faith – and there are no two alike!

I especially like the new direction Jennifer took with this one! It’s the first time Felty has gotten into the act (I’m not spoiling anything … it’s in the sneak peek in the back of Huckleberry Spring)

One other thing I LOVE about Jennifer is that she is not shy at all about tackling serious issues! She brings them to light and shows her readers just how dangerous these things can be!


So… not only will Huckleberry Harvest make you laugh, it will make you think. It will also make you frustrated at how thick-headed some people can be and sigh over how exciting love can be!

In short, it’s great, it’s humorous, it’s exciting, it’s REAL!

I did say it’s the best one yet right… ? Yes, I thought I did! So, what are you waiting for? GO… get your copy! Don’t miss it!!!

And, as usual, I can hardly wait to start the next one! Especially since I read the sneak peek!

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Forget 5 stars! It’s getting 10 stars!


More from Kensington about Huckleberry Harvest:

Mandy Helmuth doesn’t like Noah Mischler. Not one little bit. First he breaks her best friend’s heart, and then he has the nerve to chastise her for being a busybody. She feels quite justified in her dislike until Noah does something heroic, like save her life, and she’s forced to bestow her grudging respect even as she determines to keep her distance. But when she unwittingly stumbles into his family troubles, she catches a glimpse of the person Noah so successfully hides from others. Will Mandy be able to look past Noah’s rough and unyielding exterior to see the man she is destined to love?

Much to Noah Mischler’s annoyance, uppity Mandy Helmuth thinks she has the right to tell him how to live his life. If he weren’t helping Mandy’s grandfather install a stove and fix his roof, Noah wouldn’t be within a mile of Huckleberry Hill or that nosy girl who gives him a lecture every time she opens her mouth. But when Mandy discovers the horrible truth about his father, Noah is forced to reveal humiliating secrets that he’s never shared with anyone. He trusts her with his secrets, but can he trust her with his heart?


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(not hard to be honest about how AMAZING her books are!)


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