Goldtown Adventures Book 1 | “Badge of Honor” by Susan K. Marlow | AND A BONUS! Don’t miss it!

20140410-084121.jpgBadge of Honor is book 1 of Susan K. Marlow‘s series Goldtown Adventures.

I tried to find book 2 – Tunnel of Gold but have been unsuccessful so far. So I will be reviewing Book 1 and then books 3 & 4 for Kregel Publishing.

This is an excellent series for young children. It’s a good length for their short attention spans and I believe the story will catch their interest and not let go.

Reading about a young boy, intent on striking it rich will appeal to children of any age – especially boys.

And it’s so nice to find a good series that’s aimed at young boys. There are plenty of series written with young girls in mind but a clean, decent series that will attract the interest of young boys is hard to come by.

And… even though Jem gets himself into trouble a lot, there is a strong message of what is right weaved into the story line so the book presents both perspectives well.

Here is a bit more about the book from Kregel Publishing:

Twelve-year-old Jeremiah “Jem” Coulter knows that Goldtown, California, has seen the last of the gold rush. But the flecks of gold he and an old prospector, “Strike,” find in their played-out claim on Cripple Creek spur Jem’s hope of striking it rich. In the meantime, he and his sister, Ellie, sell frog legs and firewood to bring in extra cash.

When Jem’s father accepts a job as sheriff of lawless Goldtown, Jem is suddenly saddled with an additional responsibility–to run their broken-down ranch. He faces a hard path as he tries to be a man and make his father proud, but then Cripple Creek mysteriously dries up and Strike suddenly disappears. Jem is determined to find out why. Can anything be worse than being a sheriff’s kid? Will outlaws use his father’s badge for target practice? Is that silver star just a target . . . or truly a badge of honor?

Readers ages 8 to 14 fell in love with Susan Marlow’s Circle C Adventures. Now the same adventurous spirit and historical lure are back in a brand new series featuring a new cast of characters and exciting escapades. As educational as it is entertaining, the Goldtown Adventures series is one the whole family will enjoy.

And speaking of Kregel, they are offering a special promotion for the length of their blog tour for books 3 & 4 of this series. Don’t miss it!

During the blog tour week Kregel is offering River of Peril and Canyon of Danger to readers for free on the first day and $1.99 for the rest of the tour.

Canyon of Peril links:
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River of Peril links:
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For more about book 1 – Badge of Honor…

You can click HERE to read more on Kregel’s website or to buy the book.

Click HERE to see the book on HERE for GoodReads

And click HERE for Susan K. Marlow’s website.

There is also a website dedicated to this series HERE!





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Actually I think they were up last night but I didn’t find out until this morning. Sorry.

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Back to Simple…


While reading Cindy Woodsmall’s “Amish Vines and Orchards” series, I discovered something curious.

I have been a huge fan of eReaders for a long time. I’m not crazy about the basic kindle… I like having a touchscreen and the ability to download apps. I like the iPad but I also like having expandable storage.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is perfect for me!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is perfect for me! It’s nice and light, has a touchscreen, there are tons of apps available, it offers expandable storage AND the price was right. So this is the device I bought. I have the kindle app, nook and several other reading apps. The one issue I have with the tablet is how difficult it is to find cases for it. Oh well. One fly in the ointment is not enough to throw the whole thing out.

I have been buying books on kindle now for a while and I really enjoy having them with me wherever I go. (I also enjoy catching all the freebie promotions!)

I really enjoy having them with me wherever I go.

However, there is still something special for me about “real” books. I love the feel of the book in my hands, I love turning the pages, I love reading by lamplight without having to worry about the glare hurting my eyes and I love seeing them all stacked neatly on my shelves. And I have a LOT of shelves that are just full of books. (Some of them are even kid’s books…LOL) I’m also quite fond of hardback books. I cannot count the number of times I’ve bought two copies of a book because I wanted it in hardback too. (Thank goodness for used bookstores huh!)

Anyway, to get back to the point…

While reading the “Amish Vines and Orchards” series, I discovered that I had trouble going back and forth between reading on my Samsung eReader and the “real” book.

I discovered that I had trouble going back and forth between my eReader and the “real” book.

I mentioned having a lot of books in my kindle app and I do. I love having them where I can take them wherever I go. So, while reading this series, I went back and forth between the “real” book and the books on my kindle app. And I noticed whenever I went to the app, I had a lot of trouble adjusting. This is a new experience for me. I’ve done this before with other “real” books and never noticed a problem.

So I must conclude that it is more to do with the content of the books than the book itself. So the next question is, Is this my brain’s way of telling me I need to simplify my life?

Is this my brain’s way of telling me I need to simplify my life?

I say this with only a hint of irony since I’m typing this post on my iPhone at the moment.

It’s a curious occurrence and I’m very interested to see if it continues.

I’ll let you know…

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God Bless You!