What I’m Reading: Wake Me After the Apocalypse



When a killer comet hurtles for the earth, 18-year-old Joanna Murphy is selected to wait out the apocalypse in an underground bunker. She enters cryosleep with her close-knit team, preparing to resettle the planet after the atmosphere clears in two hundred years.

Joanna is the only one who wakes up.

Faced with a bunker full of bones and a blocked exit, Joanna must claw her way to the surface, figure out what happened to her team, and try not to panic—or die. That’s going to be tricky if she’s the only person left in the world.


Don’t be fooled by the short blurb for this book. There are no zombies waiting on the surface… no post-apocalyptic wasteland where Joanna will wander, slowly starving to death while parched with thirst… and no actual ghosts plaguing her waking hours.

The story starts off with intensity and confusion, threading in scenes from “BEFORE” as the story unfolds – to catch you up on what you’ve missed.

It doesn’t take long to discover that all was not right in BRP land before the candidates went under, which only adds to your intense desire to discover what really happened to all of the other cryo tanks, if any of the other bunkers survived, and what will become of Joanna by the end of the story.

Fair warning: there is strong language in this book and several mentions of sex (though it is not graphically described). Parents; you might want to read the book yourself before handing it over to your teen or pre-teen.

Personally, I think the story would have been much better without the language.


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Pulled – A short story from the Flawed series by Becca Campbell


22 pages is NOT enough!

 Darn you Becca!


“Pulled” is a short story in Becca Campbell’s Flawed series and the only complaint I have is that it’s TOO SHORT!

I want more! And I’m sure you will too!

She give us just enough of these new characters to whet our appetite and then she yanks the rug out of from under her reader.

Hopefully, we will see the characters again soon in one of the other novels planned for her Flawed series!


You can find this short novella for Kindle and Nook and I’m told it will shortly be available on iTunes as well.


The story is not a continuation of Becca’s first book in the Flawed series, “Empath”.  It is a stand-alone side story in that same universe. We meet Juniper, a “runaway” foster child and Becca gives us just enough background to make us want more.

She also introduces us to several other characters who are “gifted” – like many of the characters we met in “Empath”. 

It may be labeled YA and it may be a story about an 8 year old girl but Becca caught me with the very first sentence – which would be why I was so shocked at the sudden ending. I’m sure that was part of her evil plan…lol

All told, a most intriguing story and well worth the sticker price of $.99

Don’t miss it! And watch for Becca’s next story in the Flawed series: “Outsider”


4 Stars


What GoodReads has to say about “Pulled :

Eight-year-old Juniper has been labeled many things—troubled kid, orphan, runaway—but none of her foster families have known what she really is: a girl with a unique and brutally inconvenient ability to teleport.

Her spontaneous jumps are not only beyond her control, they get her into trouble. When Juniper disappears, no one believes her wild stories, so she’s stopped trying to convince them.

One day when Juniper gets pulled away, finding her way back is harder than ever. Stranded on the side of a deserted highway, she must rely on her own instincts to determine who is a creepy stranger and who she can trust.

Resourcefulness may get her home, but is getting home enough when you don’t have parents that love you?

Juniper knows something most people don’t: there are others like her with unexplained abilities. Until now, she’s exercised stranger-danger caution, but maybe these people can offer what she needs.

Will Juniper find a family she can share her secrets with?



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“Jupiter Winds” by C.J. Darlington | WOW!

Jupiter Winds

OK. I have to admit… when I flipped the book over and looked at the back, I jumped.

Jupiter Winds Back CoverThose eyes are creepy. But they’re probably meant to be, so they definitely do their job.




It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Inspirational fiction or not, if you enjoy Dystopian OR Sci-Fi, YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK!

Yes, faith is an intricate part of the story but it is woven in so seamlessly and without sounding preachy, it’s clearly just an intrinsic piece of the whole.

Jupiter Winds is the 4th full-length published novel of C.J. Darlington who, when she didn’t get the answer she wanted from traditional publishers – decided to start her own (successful) publishing company along with her mother and sister.

And all I can say is, the traditional publishing agencies truly missed the boat this time!


“Jupiter Winds” could so easily knock “Divergent” off it’s tattooed pedestal.


This is a book that has it ALL. The government is taking merciless advantage, people are starving or being killed left and right for no reason, two teens are left alone to fend for themselves when their parents go missing and the coup de grâce – most of the book takes place on another planet!

And…get this. It’s a true dystopian – not like so many of these watered-down, almost dystopian novels that are getting their “15 minutes” and then fading into obscurity. It doesn’t just encompass an entire planet, it tells us about 2! And we don’t get a quick sound-bite either. We get a good back-story (and more than a little popping in here or there through the whole story) on what’s going on around the world. It’s GREAT!

There’s no lack of techno-sounding words or language progression in this story either. It’s in there!
From cosmoships to bioskin. The danger, the excitement, the knowing that something unthinkable could happen at any moment – It’s ALL in there!

There are surprises around every corner and no yawns anywhere. And don’t be lulled into complacency. Just because you’re getting close to the end does NOT mean there isn’t another surprise coming your way!

It’s a tough book to put down but, if you have to, I promise you’ll be rushing back to it as quickly as you can and you’ll get pulled right back into the story within the space of a sentence.



This is what Mountainview Press has to say about Jupiter Winds:

In 2160, a teenager becomes the bait to capture her missing revolutionary parents she thinks are long dead.

Grey Alexander has one goal—to keep herself and her younger sister Orinda alive. Not an easy feat living unconnected in the North American Wildlife Preserve, where they survive by smuggling contraband into the Mazdaar government’s city zones. If the invisible electric border fence doesn’t kill them, a human-like patrol drone could.

When her worst fear comes true, Grey questions everything she she thought she knew about life, her missing parents, and God. Could another planet, whose sky swirls with orange vapors and where extinct-on-Earth creatures roam free, hold the key to reuniting her family?


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Disclaimer: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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